Sunday, 21 March 2010

Want to lose weight? ... Put your feet up!

It's no secret that fatloss requires a combination of healthy eating and regular exercise, however the effects of stress and the importance of relaxation as part of an effective weightloss programme are usually overlooked.

Working in the city can be pretty stressful, and adding in a strenuous exercise regime puts the body under more stress. Our clever bodies cope by producing stress hormones which encourage fat storage as a protective measure, particularly round our vital organs leading to weight gain round the middle .. the dreaded 'muffin top'.

So if you're trying to lose weight don't forget to schedule some relaxation into your routine ... when you get home put your feet up for 10mins and have some quiet (no tv or music) time, and whilst your less healthy colleagues take a cigarette break or pop out for coffee get away from your desk and have a few minutes not thinking about work - get some daylight and take a few deep breaths. Taking a weekly yoga class is also a great way to destress if you find it hard to 'switch off'.

For more information on how to avoid central weight gain and the link between weight gain and stress I'd recommend reading Marilyn Glenvilles 'Fat around the middle'.

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