Monday, 29 March 2010

Good manners and good health

I long lament the demise of good manners ... holding doors open for each other, 'good mornings'/'good evenings', guys walking on the kerb side of the pavements and the like. I think table manners should also be resurrected and not just for the benefit of your dinner companions.

Eating properly is very important for proper digestion, which is a must for good health. Yet so many people (myself included) wolf down their food, especially lunch, on the run or whilst multi-tasking. Not only does this inhibit proper digestion, which can lead to deficiences and digestive issues, it can also lead to over-eating as yoy've finished your meal before your appetite cues had a chance to kick in to tell you to stop.

Making suggestions on how to eat may seem patronising/pointless but look down the list and see how much of this you don't do! Bon apetit!

- before you start eating take time to notice the taste and smell of your food. Enjoy and savour each mouthful and you'll feel satisfied sooner
- put your fork down between mouthfuls, slowing your pace of eating, allowing your appetite cues to tell you when you're full
- chew your food to a paste before swallowing
- don't multi-task whilst eating - avoid watching tv, reading or working whilst you eat
- eat sat down with good posture so your stomach muscles aren't tensed whilst you eat
- give yourself 15 minutes to relax after eating to allow your digestion to progress before you start rushing about


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