Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Cherry good

As the weather warms up I've noticed a lot more runners pounding the streets, a fair few of whom will be training for next months London marathon, so it seems like a good time to mention one of my favourite new health products - Cherry Active.

Cherry Active is a cordial made of super-concentrated cherry juice which makes it super-high in antioxidants. One glass (30mls mixed with water) is apparently equivalent in anti-oxidant levels to 23 portions of fruit and veg. This doesn't mean you shouldn't also have your five a day but it's an excellent way of adding extra anti-oxidants into your diet.

Anti-oxidants are usually promoted for their anti-ageing properties, however oxidative damage is also what causes muscles to hurt after strenuous training and so Cherry Active can be used to reduce muscle ache and fatigue allowing more training. I like to mix it with some glutamine, magnesium (Nutri Ultramuscleze) and protein powder for the ultimate post-exercise recovery drink and rarely have sore muscles even after a big weights session.

Cherry active is stocked in some branches of waitrose or can be bought online at

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