Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Super Thursday!

Apologies for my absence yesterday - I've now entered proper Christmas party season and seem to be out for drinks every night and lunch every lunchtime - not good on the waistline or the wallet!!  I'll be signing off for my Christmas hols properly tomorrow but in the meantime here are some tips on surviving all those xmas drinkies.  Apparently tomorrow night is the busiest party night in the city for the whole year and Addison Lee expect 16,000 individual cab bookings - that's alot of drunk people trying to get home! Enjoy and stay safe!

Top tips for post-work drinks:

1) hydrate and snack before you leave, drink 500ml water and have something healthy like hummous and carrot sticks, some nuts, some natural yoghurt, or even a wholegrain low fat sandwich.  If you go out thirsty or hungry you will drink more alcohol and eat more unhealthy food. If you have time go to the gym first and grab a protein shake on the way out - this way you can feel super virtuous and enjoy your evening guilt free.

2) once out match every alcoholic drink with a glass of water - just ask for both when people order if you don't want to ask for a fully non-alcoholic round. I don't drink at all and whilst that might raise a few eyebrows for the first round, after that people know just to get me a soft drink.

3) even for your soft drinks avoid the high sugar options and still alternate with water, or you'll be drinking alot of calories.

4) do eat something - just drinking, even soft drinks, isn't good for your blood sugar levels. Hopefully there will be some nuts or olives around which are a great healthy bar snack. Otherwise hopefully someone has ordered some Mezze with dried meats, sundried tomatos and hummous.  If it's traditional Christmas snack food then it's easiest to stick to protein only - mini sausages, chicken goujons etc. and skip the carbs. Avoid anything with pastry or batter if possible, but if the carbs are unavoidable (you've gone to a pizza place) then stick to vegetarian options.

6) don't be the last one to leave the party. Always it's best to leave when the night is still swinging, plus if you're the last one there you'll be the most tired the next day at work. Have fun, but call it a night before things get messy!

7) As soon as you get home hydrate - drink a pint of water then go to bed, then go straight to bed for maximum sleep

8) the next day have a filling fibre rich breakfast with plenty of fresh fruit. The fibre will help your liver clear any toxins from the night before and the vitamin C will also help with damage limitation and to perk you up. If you can't stay awake have a green tea rather than a milky latte.  Good breakfast options as muesli with added berries, fresh fruit salad with natural yoghurt, porridge with chopped fruit, fruit smoothie with added whey protein or natural yoghurt.  For a real reviver go to Crrush or any other juice bar and order a detox vegetable juice.  Then drink a glass of water every hour to rehydrate and get you through the day.

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