Thursday, 13 December 2012

Lap up the love!

Yuletide greetings readers!

Having put up my tree, eaten some mince pies and done half my christmas shopping and done my gym workout to a soundtrack of wham's 'Last Christmas' and 'Santa Baby' I'm now feeling properly festive.

I hope you are too, especially because Christmas can be a such a positive time. It's an excuse to reinforce friendships, bond with work colleagues and get the family together. A time for showing appreciation for others through presents and serving up and enjoying great feasts!

Most of us don't have enough of these positive human contact day to day so make the most of it - relationships with others can have such a beneficial effect on our mental and physical health and are something we should all make more time for, so make the most of everyone's festive spirit and lap up the love.

Christmas is also time to make some time for yourself and appreciate what you've achieved over the previous year.

Make sure you have some 'me' time over the next couple of weeks and don't spend the whole time rushing around after others - Mum's have a particular propensity to do this and forget themselves so make sure you give them a helping hand.

Equally christmas is a time to enjoy your food. For me Christmas day and boxing day are the two days in the year when I let myself indulge in any food I fancy. It's only two days and by the 27tjh I'm just left craving vegetables and rice! I do usually take home some vegan chocolates and a gluten free christmas pudding, just because I don't want to spend new years eve feeling bloated!

If I had to give two tips for not letting things go totally haywire over Christmas I would give these:

1. Drink a glass of water before every meal and snack. This will help your liver detox all the naughty food you're eating and massively regulate your appetite so you might be indulging but you'll eat a lot less than you would otherwise.

2. Be physically active for 30minutes every day, even if that just means walking to and from the pub or doing some housework. It will make you feel much less slovenly and get your lymph fluid moving, again helping you detox.

I'm off now until the New Year when I'll be back with some tips on starting the New Year with a healthy frame of mind.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

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