Monday, 13 June 2011

Liven up your lunch

If, like me, you take a packed lunch into work it can be easy to get into a food rut and end up eating the same lunch every day.

This isn't just dull, making the vending machine treats a little harder to resist, but it's also not good for you. Every different food has a different nutrient composition, so if you're eating a narrow range of ingredients there's a much higher chance of not getting enough of certain nutrients.

The super well-paid city folk can buy their way out of this situation with healthy food delivery services such as Pure Package, which can deliver up to three healthy meals a day, if you really can't feed yourself, with a different menu every day!

Sounds fabulous? Well sadly so is the price, but fortunately they provide sample menus which can serve as great lunch inspiration for the rest of us. Most of their meal suggestions are easily replicated at home and if in doubt a google recipe search should find you something similar, so there's really no excuse for lunchtime boredom.

Pure package (several different menus available on their site):
Body Chef (send you their different menus by email):


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