Monday, 6 June 2011

Day off!

As I commented in yesterday's blog I like to take a day off every week where I don't do any exercise, don't rush about doing chores, have a lie in and generally relax.

I appreciate that this is a luxury that those of you with kids can rarely afford but working out a rota with your partner to at least get a lie in once a week can be extremely beneficial.

Something I notice on these days off is that my appetite is much lower when I'm relaxed - this is to be expected as mental activity burns up calories just a physical activity does, so a stressful day in the office can drum up quite an appetite. Equally not going to the gym means that in the evening I'm also much less hungry.

This is one of the many reasons I don't give clients calories or quantities of food to eat and instead encourage them to eat when they're hungry, eat slowly, stop when their appetite is satisfied and then not eat again until their hungry.

Putting it into practice myself generally means having a small dinner on my day off, maybe some soup with a gluten free roll or some homemade nori rolls with salad, as I'm just not that hungry - cooking up a big dinner and eating my usual serving would mean taking in more food than I needed that day.

I think learning to follow your appetite really is the key to having the right food intake (unless your appetite is suppressed due to stress or deficiencies). Learn to eat to your appetite and you can constantly match your food intake to your activity levels and won't ever have to worry about how many weight watchers points or calories are in your lunch.


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