Thursday, 23 June 2011

Detox zzzzz

Despite yesterday's blog on how much easier it is to find detox friendly restaurant food, I should point out that if you're doing a proper detox you actually don't want to be out on the town partying. Instead you want to be maximising your sleep to give your body a good rest and also to give your liver time to detox, recover and repair itself.

In order to benefit from a detox you need to take it easy, relax and get plenty of sleep -
sadly due to my hectic summer schedule I've got to put my plans for a proper fruit and veg juice weekend detox on hold (taking part in a nine hour sailing race, as I'll be doing on Saturday, is not taking it easy!)

Still it's worth earmarking a weekend for a proper detox once a year. Not only will it do your body the power of good, but it's also great to take a break for yourself from a hectic city life and have some proper peace and quiet.

Even if you don't do a detox, taking a weekend off from your social schedule, turning off your phone, ignoring your e-mail and having a couple of good lie ins can be wonderfully restorative. If this seems impossible, just pretend to your friends that you're out of town for the weekend, put your phone on silent and put your feet up ... bliss!


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