Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Pick and mix

I'm a big snacker and keep assorted munchies in my desk for when hunger strikes. However my rotation of nuts and seeds can get a little dull and it's never good when food becomes boring.

Fortunately snack service Graze have come to the rescue sending me weekly boxes of goodies to my office with four different snack packs containing different mixes of nuts, seeds and dried fruit. For anyone who likes a sweet treat they also include flapjacks and yoghurt or chocolate covered nibbles, but if you want to stay healthy you can log on to their site www.graze.com and choose which options you do or don't want to receive.

All ingredients are listed on he site so I've ruled out anything containing sugar, dairy or gluten, but that still leaves me with plenty of appealing options.

The packs are £3.49 each for four perfect munchy sized packs. You could make up your own equivalents for less, but I find these packs help me to not oversnack, as I can easily absent mindedly munch my way through 250g of brazil nuts in one go!

The lovely people at Graze are so convinced you'll like their service they're offering the first box free and the second box half price if you enter the following code on their site. If you don't like the service you can just logon and cancel online ... simples!

Graze discount code: K8TM8JDM

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