Sunday, 13 March 2011

Miss Haribo takes over (temporarily)

Hello NITC readers. It's Miss Haribo here, guest blogging for the week. I'm not sure what to add to last week's stunning introduction. As Emilie said: I am very interested in sports and nutrition. I am a bit exercise mad, although I've been injured for the last month following an accident.

I am also an enthusiastic follower of her advice, although I freely admit to picking and choosing; despite rumours to the contrary I am not superhuman.

As Emilie pointed out I am a bit of a geek and come across interesting articles so I thought I would refer you to this one I found in Nature Neuroscience. Basically some mice were fed a calorie restrictive diet for three weeks. After the diet was finished the 'restricted mice' consumed more high-fat food and more calories when exposed to stress than non restricted mice and this increased amount of binged eating increased over time. 

I thought this was pretty interesting as it chimed with all of Emilie's advice to relax and take it easy and avoid stress. It also speaks to yet another counter-productive effect of dieting: increased binge eating afterwards, unless we can avoid any stressful situations after the diet is over, which is simply not feasible for most of us.  

Miss Haribo

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