Thursday, 10 March 2011

How to holiday

We all need a break, and as per yesterday's blog I think it's great if you can have one day a week where you don't schedule anything in the diary and let yourself do whatever you feel like rather than trying to keep to your usual schedule.

This gives your brain and body time to unwind and recharge and gives your adrenal glands a chance to restore. Your adrenal glands sit on top of your kidneys and produce stress hormones in response to stress. Way back when, this would have been in response to a tiger attack or some other infrequent but serious threat, with plenty of downtime inbetween. Unfortunately with our go go go modern lifestyles our poor adrenals never get a break leading to fatigue, poor immunity and poor resistance to stress which is why downtime is so important.

What's even better for the adrenals than a day off is a week off, taking a proper holiday where you ignore your to do list, turn off the blackberry and go to bed and wake up whenever you feel like - something that is particularly difficult for my self-employed clients.

And so NITC is going to take her own advice and will be taking next week off from blogging and is going en vacances!

In my absence I've invited 'Haribo girl' to guest edit the NITC blog. Now whilst you might not think that adding Haribo to your breakfast qualifies you to contribute to a blog on nutrition don't be fooled, Haribo girl is very up on health and nutrition and super sporty (my usual exercise regime would count as a 'day off' for her!). She's also a bit of a geek, often forwarding me interesting studies on nutrition and food, so expect some interesting mails on the latest research on food and exercise. Enjoy!


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