Sunday, 23 January 2011

Healthier by half

I was enjoying an episode of Little Britain this evening that featured the deeply amusing 'Fat Club'. I've personally never been to a slimmers club meeting but I seriously hope that it is a very different experience to the one portrayed in Little Britain!!!

Amongst the 'useful' tips from the Fat Club leader Marjory is to eat as much dust as you like as it's low in fat!! (obviously never a good idea!) Another tip was that to halve the number of calories in unhealthy food such as chocolate, cake and fish and chips was to cut the portion in half and only eat half of it!! Obvious and initally not very helpful sounding, but actually a good idea you can put in practice.

I'm not suggesting you cut your overall food intake by half, but if you are going to eat an unhealthy treat food serve yourself half a standard portion. If you're still hungry then finish your meal with healthy foods, although w often eat unhealthy food not to meet our appetite but to meet a craving.

We also tend to decide how much to eat by how much we are served ... but why should some portion size convention determine how much you eat ... you have to stop eating at some point so just make the point earlier than usual and save yourself a few extra pounds!! Also by serving yourself a smaller portion you are more likely to savour the flavour and therefore find the food more satisfying - you'll know what I'm talking about if you've ever had any haute cuisine at a restaurant where the portions are tiny but delicious and you therefore make the most of every mouthful rather than inhaling your food. The fact is that however much you've eaten it will still feel like you've had a treat.

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