Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Bootcamp bounty

Day 3 into bootcamp and I’m feeling rather virtuous .. so far I’ve avoided all the banned foods and gone to the gym every day J

I do however imagine bootcamp is probably easier for me to stick to than most as I’m one of those rare people who enjoys going to the gym and eating healthy food!! That said I wasn’t always such a healthy eater so this is a taste that I acquired over time - therefore eating healthily for two weeks, even if it's not your usual preferred food, may turn you into a healthy eater too!

Whilst I’m avoiding the banned bootcamp foods list, here’s all the good stuff I’ll be eating during these two weeks. I’ll be blogging on a few of these foods individually over the next two weeks but I thought it was important to start with a comprehensive list to show that there is some food you can still eat!!


Brown rice (eat a portion every day)

Sweet potatoes

Gluten free pasta

Gluten free bread (limit to one portion a day)



New potatoes (limit to three portions a week)


Sweetcorn or corn meal (polenta)


Pulses (kidney beans, lentils, chickpeas etc. - eat a portion every day)

Tofu (limit to every other day)

Fish (oily or white – limit to every other day)







All berries

(no more than two portions a day for the latter four)

Non-starchy veg

Eat liberally with lunch and dinner and for snacks.


Flax seed (ground or milled, can be added to pretty much anything to add some essential fats)

Olive oil


Nuts and no sugar nut butters (excluding peanuts)


Coconut fat or milk for cooking

To build a meal you need to combine a portion of carbs with a portion of protein and then a healthy serving of veg (or a piece of fruit in the morning if you don’t fancy vegetables with your breakfast!!). Add to that a tablespoon of healthy fats and you’re good to go.

I’ve listed my typical bootcamp meals below but if this doesn’t seem that appealing I’ll be blogging on how to adapt your favourite unhealthy meals to comply with bootcamp regulations tomorrow! And remember it’s just for two weeks!

Emilie’s Bootcamp menu:


Either brown rice porridge with berries or grated apple made with brown rice, sunflower seeds and rice milk (served hot)


Gluten free toast spread with cashew or almond butter topped with sliced apple and a sprinkle of cinnamon


Either a cold salad or a hot stew (homemade then heated at work) made up of a base of brown rice or sweet potato or new potatoes, with a portion of pulses and a variety of veggies plus seeds and seasonings (if you don’t have time to make this at home Chop’d and the Salad Factory can make up a salad like this for you).


an apple and some almonds

Crudites and hummous

Miso soup

Half an avocado with Newman’s Italian dressing

A palmful of non-roasted nuts


Cooked tofu or fish with either brown rice, baked sweet potato or gluten free pasta – either plain or with a non-sugar tomato sauce or dairy free pesto (tastes very much like regular pesto). Served with a side of green veggies (cabbage, broccoli, spinach, green beans etc) with some olive oil drizzled over the veg.

I also have a tasty drink of diluted CherryActive Cherry Active Concentrate 473ml combined with the juice of a lime every day for extra vitamin C and antioxidants.

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