Monday, 17 January 2011

Graduation day!

Today was the last day of bootcamp and I can’t believe it’s already two weeks since New Years!

I have to confess that I managed up to 5pm today at which point I succumbed and had a packet of hula hoops!! But other than that I stuck pretty rigidly to the allowed and banned food lists and managed to exercise most days.

So how did it work out?

Well in just two weeks I’ve improved my fitness level and body tone as per yesterdays blog, and lost the couple of pounds I gained over Christmas. Other benefits have been more energy (although I did have a couple of foggy detox days), clearer thinking, better concentration, faster reflexes and my skin looks clearer and younger which is always good!

It hasn’t been easy though – sticking to a strict diet is difficult if you’re eating out and a total ban of unhealthy foods did make me crave them more. I was disciplined and didn’t succumb but over compensated by eating bigger portions of the healthy food I was allowed. I much prefer following the 80:20 rule of eating healthily 80 per cent of the time and then having what you fancy 20 per cent of the time – infact I’m planning on sticking to the bootcamp diet pretty closely (with the addition of some lean meat and eggs) for 80 per cent of the time… with the 20 per cent reserved for chips, steak, chocolate and the occasional packet of hula hoops!

As I said yesterday I’ll be relaxing on the exercise too, whilst I’ll still be active everyday I’ll listen to how my body is feeling and pick my exercise accordingly … interval training and weights if I’m feeling good, a gentle swim, walk or yoga if I’m feeling tired.

It’s definitely been good to start the year with a health kick, but now I think it’s time to ease off a bit!!

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