Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Yoghurt for everyone!

One of the foods I thought of including in my recent 'Superfoods' series was natural yoghurt. In the end I left it out on the basis that so many people have a lactose intolerance (though may not realise it) that it wasn't universally beneficial enough.

Thankfully, for those of us who don't eat dairy foods, there is now a natural bio soya yoghurt that isn't full of additives. It's called Sojade and os currently available only in health food stores. Like all soya products it doesn't taste as good as its dairy counterpart is totally palatable with some fruit, or low sugar fruit jam (st dalfour) stirred in.

For those who can tolerate dairy foods, plain natural yoghurt is a super easy way to add some protein to your breakfast and also an excellent snack for keeping hunger at bay til your next meal.

Organic natural bio yoghurt is the healthiest - low in fat and sugars and containing live bacteria which can help the functioning of the digestive tract.

Fruit or flavoured yoghurts should be avoided as they're full of added sugar - if you really can't stand yoghurt plain then have it with a teaspoon of chopped dates or sultanas or better still some fresh fruit.

Organic yoghurts naturally taste creamier than regular varieties. Greek yoghurt is also more luxurious tasting and low-fat greek yoghurt with some natural vanilla essence stirred in makes an excellent alternative to serve with puddings instead of cream.

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