Monday, 15 November 2010

The C word...

The varyingly fetching moustaches being sported around the city reminds us that we're well into Movember! It also reminds me that we're only six weeks away from Christmas!

Now I don't like to bring up the C word for no reason, personally I think decorations, lights and trees shouldn't be seen until the 1st December, but when it comes to health a bit of forward planning goes along way to mitigate the damage of festive indulgence.

I'm all in favour of enjoying the festive season and relaxing your diet and exercise routine, however it's all too easy to end up writing off the whole of December as a month long binge and finding yourself feeling seriously lethargic and under par by January.

Rather than putting yourself through a ridiculously stringent diet and exercise regime in January that you can't possibly stick to, now is a good time to take some pre-emptive steps:

- Stick to your gym routine as close up to Christmas as you can, this will keep you in great shape throughout the party season and make it a lot easier to get back into the gym after Christmas. If you get to Christmas in good shape you'll also feel much less inclined to over-eat.

- Similarly don't let your diet 'go' until the week before Christmas. It's all too easy to start a month of over indulgence from the first Christmas party. Sticking to the 80/20 rule still allows some indulgence and stay conscious of making healthy choices at parties and dinners. Just remember that when you get to Christmas you'll be able to enjoy all the festive fare without needing an elasticated waist band!

- Do enjoy Christmas properly - it's only once a year and usually a chance to enjoy some really good home cooked food. Have the best of everything rather than the cheap junk food that fills the shops this time of year (godiva dark chocolate truffles versus quality streets!) and take time to enjoy your food and be grateful for it.

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