Thursday, 18 November 2010


I read an article today on about the increasing prices of food. I've certainly noticed my food bill has gone up in the last few months whilst my diet hasn't changed.

Obviously in this time of austerity rising food bills are not what we need, but I wasn't on board with one of lovemoney's suggestions to save money by cutting back on organic food.

Personally I try and buy organic whenever I can, both for my health and to encourage shops to stock more organic food which has already over time reduced the price differential over regular food, so I definitely don't want everyone to stop buying organic.

I also think that health is paramount, especially in more stressful times, and so hate the idea of it being de-prioritized to save money.

Instead I think we should take the same approach to money as to calories - I recommend making every calorie count for your health - so never waste your calories on unhealthy processed foods when you could be eating something fresh and nutrient rich. The same can apply to money - don't waste it buying nutrient devoid processed junk, even it's 2 for 1!

Instead aim to get the most nutrients you can for your buck. This means buying fresh seasonal veggies, lean white meats instead of red meat (interestingly beef prices have risen dramatically whilst turkey is infact cheaper than last year), nuts, seeds and fruit instead of crisps and chocolate and wholegrain carbs instead of refined carbs (which will make you feel hungrier sooner). Meat is always relatively expensive so if you're a big carnivore experiment with introducing a few vegetarian meals a week to cut costs and improve your health.

I appreciate I'm starting to sound like my mother (hi mum!) but eating simply and healthily is better for you ... both your waistline and your wallet.

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