Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Wrapping up

Wow the temperature has really dropped this week. I've swapped my mac for a coat and I've even spotted a few scarves being worn around the city varying from the posh pashmina to some stripy 'Where's Wally' red and white numbers.

Whatever your style choice a scarf isn't just a fashion accessory, it's also a weapon against the winter colds and flus that will start appearing.

You see most bugs will enter your system through your throat - either inhaled or ingested - so the mucosal lining of the throat is a first line of defence against bacteria and viruses. This is why there is such a concentration of immune tissue in your neck including your tonsils (if you still have them!) and lymph glands - the ones your Doctor feels for if you're ill.

Your immune defence is more effective at a higher temperature, which is why your body generates a fever when you're ill, so by keeping your throat nice and toasty you can help keep your immune system primed and ready to kill of any bugs before they make it into your system.

However, if whilst the rest of your body is kept cosy in your coat your throat is left exposed to the elements then it may get cold reducing the effectiveness of your immune defences. So now might be a good time to dig out your winter woollies.


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