Sunday, 31 October 2010

The secret to sleeping like a baby!

The other day I noticed a lady doing laps of the car park for my block with a baby in a pram. I checked back later and she seemed to be doing this for almost an hour.

Whilst this might seem odd to some of you, getting a baby out in the fresh air for an hour a day used to be one of the rules of parenting. The babies sleep better and seem to thrive better for the fresh air.

But it's not just babies that need their fresh air - adults need it too. Getting out in the fresh air increases our intake of oxygen, which is essential for energy production, and also allows our skin to manufacture vitamin D in the presence of sunlight. Plus if you go for a brisk walk this improves your circulation and burns calories. A walk can be also be very relaxing, particularly if you have a nice park or canal or river path nearby.

Sadly I'm sure most of us don't have time for a daily 60 minute stroll outdoors, but it's worth making the effort to get outdoors on the weekend especially now the clocks have gone back so we won't be seeing much sunlight. You might not feel like venturing out as the days get colder but wrap up warm and stick a reward at the end (take a long walk to the pub or a favourite cafe) and you'll find it more enjoyable!

Being outside all day is something I particularly love about holidays and I always feel better for it, especially when I'm sailing ... when I always sleep like a baby!

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