Sunday, 11 April 2010

The sun has got his hat on...

Finally some sunshine - not quite bikini weather but warm enough to make use of the sun lounger! But before I slap on the factor 40 I'm going to have 10mins in the sun and write a related blog.

Given the well-documented rise in skin cancer, unprotected sunbathing is generally accepted as foolhardy, and I totally agree. However there has also been a rise in Vitamin D deficiency in the UK quite possibly linked to our newly found responsible sun-bathing (spf protection blocks the suns rays that stimulate vitamin D manufacture in the skin).

Vitamin D has numerous roles and benefits in the body including increasing bone density, slowing age-related mental decline and, somewhat ironically, cancer prevention so it's an important nutrient for good health.

Good food sources include oily fish and eggs, whilst vitamin d supplements are a good idea for vegans, those who are super sun sensitive and the rest of us over the winter months.

Enjoy the sunshine!

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