Thursday, 15 April 2010

Getting a bit of variety

When it comes to health everyone agrees on the importance of eating a balanced diet. The problem is that peoples interpretation of a balanced diet can be very different!

For some people it means having a Macdonalds once a week, and not every day! For me it means eating a variety of different whole unprocessed foods without too much emphasis on one particular food or food group.

Eating a varied diet ensures a good intake of the full range of nutrients, which is especially important as the different vitamins and minerals work in synergy with each other.

When it comes to fruit and veg the different colours represent different nutrients so aim to eat a range of colours. Rotate different sources of carbohydrates (potatoes, rice, corn, wheat, quinoa etc.) and healthy fats (different types of nuts, seeds and oily fish) and try not to eat the same type of poultry or fish everyday.

Not only does this ensure you're getting the full range of nutrients in your diet but it also reduces your chance of developing food intolerances which can occur if you eat the same food everyday. So next time you're out food shopping try something new!

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