Sunday, 25 April 2010

Marathon marvels

London was abuzz with the marathon today - the streets full of runners undertaking an amazing feat.

I was actually asked last week by a couple of people if I was running it ... which given the furthest I've run is 8 miles is pretty amusing and sort of flattering!

As it happens I have no intention of running the marathon. I admire people who run it immensely but the training and commitment required is too much for me as well as the level of stress all that training puts on the body. That normal working people clock up some very impressive times is even more impressive when you look at the training regimes of the elite athletes.

Paula Radcliffe, for example, sleeps 12-13 hours each day as well as having an ice bath (which heals microscopic tears in muscle fibres), a sports massage, a glass of wheatgrass juice (full of antioxidants) and a handful of vitamin supplements every day, along with eating a specially designed gluten-free diet!

Whilst this regime is pretty impractical for most people it's still worth noting the amount of emphasis placed on rest, recovery and nutrition by these athletes along with the miles and miles of training.

So if you are inspired to run the marathon or any other endurance events make sure you factor in the extra sleep needed, a higher intake of antioxidants, sports recovery drinks, cold showers (post training) and an extra healthy diet. These will all help reduce the stress load on the body and help you get in top form for your event.

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