Sunday, 15 April 2012

Shock news! Celebrity loses weight without extreme dieting

Having never been a reader of the gossipmags I've never been that up to date on celebrity gossip ... it's always the same thing to me ... someone getting married, someone getting divorced, someone's lost 10lbs - look how great they look, someone has gained 10lbs - look how bad they look. However whenever I want an update I just ask Ms Haribo who's plugged into multiple gossip sources and always knows the latest rumours round tinseltown.

This evening Ms Haribo updated me on the latest diet of Kim Kardashian. Now most celebrity diets are pretty extreme - super low carb, super low calorie, no solid food - all pretty unhealthy and unsustainable in the long run, so I was expecting much of the same. But Kim's recent 10lb weight loss was attributed to giving up gluten, dairy and sugar. It does also include limiting herself to 1300 calories a day, which is low, but not dangerously low like the usual <1000cal celebrity diets.

However, losing 10lbs in two weeks is not going to be a pure fat weight loss - what this indicates is that Kim has an intolerance to one of these food groups, and so when she eats these foods her body is retaining water in the body as part of the over-active immune response to these foods. However water retention isn't the only downside - by stimulating an immune response, eating foods your are intolerant too can trigger eczema, asthma, migraines and acne and also lead the body to develop other allergies and intolerances such as hayfever, and multiple food intolerances. For anyone suffering from an inflammatory condition, such as arthritis, this heightened immune activity will also aggravate this condition.

Personally I think that the majority of the population will have a negative reaction to at least one of these three prime suspects, and from a health perspective we would all benefit from giving them up. You can test for intolerances using various tests, however I've done a couple and none have ever come up with a gluten intolerance, but when I first gave up gluten I lost 6lbs in a fortnight and felt significantly more awake, which is a pretty strong indicator of an intolerance. If I ever go back to regularly eating gluten I feel really lethargic and start needing naps during the day. I also gain 4-6lbs of water weight over a couple of weeks, so gluten is definitely a problem for me.

So for once I'd actually recommend this celebrity diet regime, and go as far as to suggest you should all try it for two weeks. No gluten (buy gluten free bread and pasta), no dairy (have soy, rice or coconut milk and soy yoghurt, skip the cheese) and no sugar (sweets, biscuits, puddings, plus savoury processed foods - read all labels). Just do it as an experiment and remember it's only for two weeks. If you don't feel any different at all at the end of two weeks (having stuck to it strictly) then you've not lost anything in the process, but if you do then you might want to consider giving them up for the long term - this could be the key to restoring your energy or getting down to your perfect weight.

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