Monday, 9 April 2012

The creme egg calorie index

Ms Haribo here, wishing you all a happy easter. I am a massive xkcd fan, which is a great comic with a slightly geeky twist. The other day they had this awesome comic (I’ve included the link for those who want to check out more and read the funny caption behind the comic). But I really liked this one. Probably because I sometimes take the position of the girl in the strip and find ways to justify eating chocolate eggs, but also because it reminds me that we don’t think much about the amount of sugar in calories in what we drink and tend to forget about them when totting up our calorie and sugar intake for the day. Partly because they don’t fill us up and we don’t really pay attention to what we are drinking and tend to forget about it. But we also forget because mentally we don’t expect a ‘drink’ to have as many calories as food and don’t account for it properly.

I was amazed to find out recently that calories from soda are the third biggest source of calories for Americans (number 1 is “grain based desserts” )

So this Easter Miss Haribo will be eating her crème eggs, savouring and remembering their sickly goodness and definitely counting it as her 20% ‘bad’.

When they moved production from New Zealand to the UK and switched from the runny white centers to the thick, frosting-like filling, it got way harder to cook them scrambled.

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