Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Emergency supplies

I was at a conference today with the usual conference catering of pastries for breakfast and sugary biscuits and muffins for mid-morning and afternoon tea and it struck me, as I tucked into the small pack of almonds I had brought with me, that my advice yesterday on strategic snacking for weddings was infact pretty useful advice for a lot of business scenarios. This includes conferences, air travel or the days where you're booked into back to back client meetings with no time to eat inbetween.

It also reminded me of some advice I read in French Women Don't Get Fat: The Secret of Eating for Pleasure
by Mireille Guiliano. In this enjoyable guide to the french approach to eating Mirelle emphasizes the importance of carrying an emergency 'en-cas' - a healthy snack carried with you just incase to eat either when you find yourself hungry between meals, or facing temptation - if you have a healthy snack on you then you can't use hunger as an excuse to tuck into biscuits or chocolate!

An en-cas needs to be portable, non-perishable and easy to eat discretely without risking staining your suit. So whilst you might ideally snack on fresher foods day to day such as fruit and crudites, these are still all good options to keep in your briefcase or handbag for when your appetite kicks in at an inconvenient time.

Mini bags of nuts - tescos do handy snack packs of natural nuts - I alternate between almonds and brazil nuts
Nakd hars
Laar bars
Fruitus bars
Bounce balls
Food doctor bars
Food doctor seeds or soya nuts
Clearspring seed packs
Mini boxes of raisins or other dried fruit

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