Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Beachcamp: Pec deck

In response to my blog on what I should cover in Beachcamp I received a request on building pectorial muscle, which I'm sure most of your would assime came from a guy wanting to improve his chest definition to impress on the beach.

Infact the request was from a female reader. Those ladies who don't do weights may scoff at the suggestion that women would want to undertake any kind of body vuilding, but actually women can benefit greatly from doing weights. Fears of starting to look like a female body builder can be brushed to one side - it takes a huge effort to get yourself looking like a man by doing weights!

Free weights are excellent exercise both to improve muscle tone and core strength and to increase bone density, particularly important after menopause. In addition, and why the NITC reader requested this focus, building your chest muscle creates a firm and solid foundation, preventing future sagging and reducing bounce for the larger chested amongst us who run the risk of exposure with danger when sporting a bikini on the beach!!

As for the boys, let's be honest a moob is not a good look for the beach so it's important not to neglect this area in your exercise routine.

Chest flies, chest press and push ups are all good for building and toning chest muscle. In addition, if you want to build muscle you need to provide your body with the building blocks of muscles - amino acids.

To maximise muscle gain you need to eat 20g protein every 3-4 hours including within 1hour after any weight training when uptake of protein to the muscle will be up regulated, which is when protein shakes can be useful. However if you're not going for the Jersey Shore look, just make sure you eat a serving of a lean protein the size of your clenched fist at every meal and don't forget your Cherry Active post workout for muscle recovery.

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