Sunday, 10 April 2011

Take a breath

I hope you all had a good week last week, and for those who did the homework that you made some healthy additions to your usual menus.

I had a fab holiday - although going on holiday can be a bit of a nightmare if you have special dietary requirements, which is why I often take a fair amount of food with me - gluten free bread and snack bars, nuts and seeds and the odd pot of almond butter (don't pack this in your hand luggage - it will be confiscated!).

So it's always a nice surprise when you go somewhere where your needs are catered for - which was exactly the case last week at the lovely Kramerwirt hotel in Austria, where the super friendly staff cooked me a delicious three course gluten and dairy free dinner every night for the ridiculously cheap sum of €12 a night!!

The downside of this wonderful catering is that I ended up ignoring my own advice about stopping eating when you're full, and ended up eating way too much!! Mainly because I was really enjoying the food, but also because I was pretty hungry by dinner time and so wolfed my food down too quickly.

What I should have done was put my knife and fork down between each mouthful and wait til I'd chewed my food to a puree before swallowing ... but that just didn't happen. However I have a new tip for how to slow down you're eating to a healthy pace, which I'm going to be trying this week - and this is to take a breath between each mouthful.

Basically chew your food thoroughly and then don't put more food in your mouth until you've taken a breath with a totally empty mouth - this might sound strange, but when you try it you'll realise how often you put food in your mouth when you haven't totally finished the last mouthful. The objective is to slow your eating down to a pace where you can properly digest your food and your appetite signals have a chance to tell you you're full (if you eat a bit plate of food in 15 minutes your appetite won't have a chance to tell you you're full).

So that's my tip for this week - and if you do ever go to Mayrhofen I can thoroughly recommend this hotel:

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