Monday, 25 April 2011

Crumbly goodness

My mum is a passionate gardener and has turned one corner of her garden into something akin to a mini-agri business, growing a whole range of fruit and veg. This means that one of the perks of going home in the spring and summer months is coming back up to London with some fresh goodies from her garden.

This Easter weekend I came back laden with rhubarb - which is by far the easiest fruit (well actually it's a stem) to grow and is rich in iron and vitamin C. It is however one that requires more preparation than most, and whilst I would usually eat any fruit mum gives me raw on it's own, rhubarb definitely requires cooking and a bit of sweetness.

Sadly the traditional crumble recipe combines gluten (flour), dairy (butter) and refined sugar which rules it out for me. But fortunately one of my favourite gluten-free blogs, Elena's pantry, has come up trumps with this almond flour recipe for Cherry Blueberry Crumble from which I just used the crumble topping recipe and sweetened up the stewed rhubarb with some agave syrup. I like to add a bit of texture to the topping with either flaked almonds or chopped nuts, and if making an apple crumble add a bit of cinnamon. This crumble would work with any stewed fruit and is lovely on it's own, or on a colder day served with some custard (made with rice milk for the dairy free) and great as a healthy recipe for fruit-averse kids.

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