Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Powering through

Apologies again for a lack of blog yesterday - I was totally out of it with flu but I'm thankfully pretty much over it now.

Hopefully the rest of you have all been well and making merry! But if you're halfway through the party season and starting to feel a bit sluggish here are some ideas to help you power through to Christmas:

- juice it up: a vegetable juice is a great pick me up to start the day with especially if you're hungover. If you feel the need for a coffee, first have a juice and a big cup of water and then have your coffee. If caffeine is the only way you'll get through the day match it cup for cup with water.

- have a light lunch: stick to soup, sushi or salad at lunchtime to compensate for any evening indulgence and stop you falling asleep at your desk in the afternoon.

- seek out fruit and vegetables: Party buffets aren't exactly waistline friendly but look closely and you'll often find crudites and fruit hidden between the chicken wings and cheese board. The antioxidants will keep the colds at bay and fruit and veg are at least 60 per cent water so they'll help keep you hydrated whilst the salted nuts will do the opposite.

- love your B's: b vitamins are the energy vitamins so you need a lot more of them when you're low on sleep whether it's due to partying hard, working hard or baby induced. They're also leached out the body by alcohol and caffeine so it's super easy to run low in party season. I take a B complex with breakfast everyday (but away from caffeine) to get me going.

- don't abandon the gym ... just yet: you might want a break over christmas but getting your heart pumping for even just 20 minutes a day these last few days will keep your energy levels up and help sweat out a few of the toxins you're taking in.

- don't knock disco naps: there's really no substitute for a good night's sleep but if you're partying all night and working all day, a 20-40 minute cat nap before you go out can be a much needed pick me up. If you work for one of the trendier employers and are lucky enough to have a chill out zone grabbing, forty winks and lunchtime can also be a godsend. Just remember to set an alarm!

- give yourself a break! If you've been running around buying everyone's gifts, getting your work done and being a social butterfly make sure you get at least a ten minute time out each day to sit down and chill on your own. Stop thinking about your to do list or what you're going to wear that evening and just zone out.

- pace yourself: this is Christmas not an endurance event so know when to quit - if you're struggling just slip away from drinks a bit early to give yourself a proper nights sleep, or have a couple of nights out booze free - it's really not as painful as you'd think, you might even enjoy yourself more watching your colleagues disgrace themselves whilst you keep it together!

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