Monday, 6 December 2010

Drying out

This morning I really struggled to get up and felt really tired most of the morning ... I wasn't hungover and I'd had plenty of sleep so what was the problem?

It wasn't til I got to 11:30am and realised I hadn't had my usual 'comfort break' that I realised that I was dehydrated ... one litre of water later and I felt right as rain.

But it's freezing outside so how can someone get dehydrated? Well firstly we lose moisture all the time, just by breathing, secondly whilst it's cold we don't feel so much like drinking cold fluids and thirdly with the heating cranked up to the max it's easy to accidentally create a home sauna. Infact I'd followed a good gym session with a proper sauna and not enough water on Sunday which is why, after a night in a warm room, I woke up dehydrated and groggy.

Fortunately, as I stay off the caffeine, I didn't exacerbate things by starting my day with a cup of tea (a diuretic) ... but this is exactly what most people do when they feel tired.

Instead you should start the day with a large glass of water to replace any fluids lost overnight, and then continue drinking water throughout the day. Your pee should be very pale yellow if you're drinking enough, if it's straw coloured you're dehydrated (although if it's luminous yellow and you've just taken B vitamins don't worry that's normal).

You'd be surprised how much fatigue (and hunger) is caused by dehydration so it's always important to remember to drink enough water ... although it can be easy to forget!

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