Thursday, 13 May 2010

Voting with your feet

The result of UK election continues to dominate the papers this week, but for anyone sick of hearing about it I want to talk about a different kind of voting.

This is the power of voting with your feet when it comes to buying food. As consumers we have a lot more power than we may realise over what the supermarkets sell us. I personally would like to see more organic food available in the supermarket and so make a point of buying organic whenever possible even if that means buying from a few different shops. I have noticed a significant increase in organic fruit and vegetables stocked in the Tesco local to my office over the last year and so there must be other city folk also buying more organic food.

This is great news as this will not only encourage Tesco to stock more organic produce but will also lead other supermarkets to follow suit making organic food even more available. Furthermore the increased demand will bring the prices down making organic food more affordable for everyone.

It's not just organic food that has grown through consumer demand over the last couple of years. 'Free from' ranges of gluten, dairy and other allergen free foods have expanded massively. Sainsburys started the trend in 2002 and when their 'Free from' range proved popular the other major supermarkets followed suit.

In a similar way I'm sure the success of Pret led to the appearance of a host of healthy lunch spots in the city including a couple of my favourite healthy lunchtime eateries: Leon, Pod and Chop'd.

So if when you're doing your grocery shop or buying your lunch remember you're not just shopping for that day but voting for what you want to be able to buy more of in the future .. so use your vote wisely!

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