Thursday, 27 May 2010

Planet organic

I was asked recently if organic food was really more nutritious and therefore worth the money?

Whilst studies quoted by the Soil Association show organic fruit and veg do have higher vitamin levels my main reason for eating organic food is not for any extra nutrients but for what it is missing compared to regular food.

This includes antibiotics, toxic pesticides, growth hormone (why organic chickens are much smaller than non-organic) and hormone disrupting chemicals (also found plastic food packaging and tap water) which all have negative health implications. Whatever the research says I personally wouldn't want to consume any of these by choice and so try and eat organic whenever possible.

Organic food is undoubtedly more expensive, although the price is coming down, so if you need to prioritise make sure all your meat and dairy produce are organic and buy regular fruit and veg (but wash thoroughly before use). If you've got time and a spare corner of garden you can grow your own fruit and veg organically at home. When buying organic food look for the Soil Association stamp, as the leading UK organic regulator they have some of the more stringent criteria to get their seal of approval.

Hope you all enjoy the long weekend.

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