Sunday, 27 February 2011

Coffee and cake

Well I was spoilt rotten over my birthday weekend including being given a gluten and dairy free chocolate birthday cake from I haven't had cake in a long time so I have to confess I had a few too many slices, but it was my birthday so I'm letting myself off!

The cake was deliciously dark with 70% cocoa solids, which made for a delicious cake, but on the downside meant I had a big hit of caffeine, which my body isn't used to. It was great to keep me partying late into the night but it reminded me how sensitive I am to caffeine now that I usually avoid it. When I first started out in the city I didn't go a day without at least a couple of teas and coffees, but now I don't have any I don't miss it and actually have alot more energy.

I do sometimes miss the taste of a good coffee, which I satisfy with a detox, but one thing I don't miss is the disrupted sleep. Even having a coffee in the morning can disrupt your sleep patterns that night so if you have any problems getting a good nights sleep you should seriously consider quitting the caffeine for a couple of weeks.

If you're serious about giving up caffeine this means no tea, coffee, chocolate or coca cola although as caffeine is a drug, if you stop your intake you are likely to experience withdrawal symptoms. On average it takes 4 days to come through the withdrawal, characterised by headaches and fatigue. If you have a very high intake it is best to reduce gradually, but as your intake is low you should be able to have a caffeine free week from today onwards.

Substitute your teas and coffees for caffeine free alternatives, such as Rooibos tea, Barleycup or Symington's dandelion coffee. Avoid all chocolate, including dark, and to satisfy a desire for sweets try a palmful of prunes or figs. If you experience any bouts of fatigue, drink water, herbal tea, or a green or white tea for a mini hit.

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