Thursday, 1 July 2010

Making it happen

Most people working in the city will be required to set goals or objectives for the year as part of their appraisal process at work. This can sometimes be a pain but does help provide focus the mind on what you should be working on/towards. However people rarely set such explicit goals outside of their work environment and particularly in relation to their health.

I am often surprised at how many people have health problems or frequently feel 'under the weather' but accept this as their lot. Complacency when it comes to your health is foolish as a slight health problem now could develop into something more serious or debilitating later, and it is also a shame to continue in ill health when full health may be possible.

This is where goal setting comes, focussing the mind and getting you on the road to full health:

Firstly make a list of anything you're not happy with regarding your health be it your weight, fitness, condition of your skin, stress levels, blood pressure etc.

Then write corresponding goals, such as lose 6lbs, be able to run for 40minutes without a break, have a clear complexion etc.

Next write down five things you could do to achieve each of these goals (if you don't know how to tackle them consult a nutritional therapist).

Once a week review your goals and note your successes. Write down a progress report as to how you got on with the five tasks for each issue and plan new tasks for the week ahead.

By consciously focussing on your goals and how to achieve them you may be surprised at how quickly you make progress.

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